By Raiza Giorgi

Each spring the Santa Ynez Valley Star highlights students who have made an impact on the community or their schools and who will be going on to either higher education, military service, or trade schools. 

Today, we profile two seniors at Dunn School, Katriel Ford and Theo Brown.

Katriel Ford

When Katriel Ford saw the Dunn School facilities after her brother started playing baseball there, she told her parents she wanted to go to Dunn as well. 

“I love this school and the community that I have made here. While I’m excited to graduate and move on, I will miss it here incredibly,” said Ford, 18. 

She will be attending Pomona College in the fall and hopes to pursue a degree in astrophysics with a double major in English. 

“I started talking astronomy and physics and loved it so much. I also love writing, so hopefully I can find a career that combines all my passions,” Ford said. 

The Nipomo resident also was active in soccer, lacrosse and volleyball. She was the captain of the volleyball team. She also played in the school’s jazz and classical ensembles. 


Theo Brown

Theo Brown was home-schooled in his early years and wanted a sense of community. When he came to Dunn School his freshman year, he was thrilled to find a group of people who shared his love of education and learning. 

“My older brother and I play chess and while we play we talk about life and what we want to do. He’s currently in med school, and hearing him talk about what he’s doing really encouraged me to look into medical studies as well,” said Brown, 18. 

He is deciding between Pomona College and Harvard, currently wait-listed for Harvard, and wants to study neuroscience and bio technology. 

“I got really into genomics in my lab studies and want to get into applied sciences — hopefully help people in the real world by designing or creating a product to improve the human condition,” he said.