By Raiza Giorgi

Music is a big way that people come together. It’s a way to express feelings and emotions that sometimes just plain speaking cannot do. The guitar has been used for centuries for many different styles of music from the 12th century European chordophones to contemporary rock. 

For local musician Chris Pelonis, the guitar is an extension of his being as he is an accomplished musician and music studio designer. 

“I don’t even know I am playing sometimes, it just comes natural for me,” Pelonis said. 

For now Lost Chord Guitars is the only dealer of a special model created between local musician Chris Pelonis, his bandmate Jeff Bridges and guitar designers at Breedlove.
Photo by Raiza Giorgi

Pelonis strummed a guitar to his dog Bodhi (a Queensland Healer) and myself as he was sitting in his music venue/wine tasting bar Lost Chord Guitars in Solvang. 

On the wall hung an array of guitars, each with their own light and a few in particular stood out with a unique shape and sound. 

For now, Lost Chord Guitars is the only dealer of a special model created between his bandmate Jeff Bridges (yes, that Jeff Bridges) and guitar designers at Breedlove, an Oregon-based company that uses wood harvested from already fallen trees. 

“The main reason we got involved is because this guitar brand is so unique in style and sound,” Pelonis said.

The guitar, named “All in This Together”, is made from myrtlewood from Oregon and features a bourbon stain with Bridges’ motto inscribed into the neck. It was co-designed by Bridges and Pelonis, featuring a concerto body style that gives a powerful sound when strummed. Seven percent of sales goes to the Amazon Conservation Team, which works in partnership with indigenous people to protect rainforests and traditional culture. 

Pelonis is a part of the band called Jeff Bridges and the Abiders, named aptly for the actor’s most-known character “The Dude” in “The Big Lebowski.”

“Jeff and I have worked together for a long time and we just have this way of molding into one another’s sound,” Pelonis said. 

Inside Pelonis’ shop in Solvang there are stills of Bridges in some of his movie roles from “The Big Lebowski” and “R.I.P.D.” and it feels like a friend’s place, where one can just crash on the couch and drink some good wine and listen to music. 

Lost Chord Guitars

Chris Pelonis, left, plays with Jeff Bridges in Lost Chord Guitars’ first concert.
Photo by Raiza Giorgi

Pelonis just helped Bridges produce their newer single “My Welcome Mat,” a song written by country singer-songwriters Jenny Tolman and John Goodwin, and producer Dave Brainard, according to an article on 

“Especially now with recent events where we have become really divided, this song just talks about how we should just accept people for who they are,” Pelonis said. 

He added that he is also taking this time during COVID-19 while his shop is closed indoors, to get his own music together and release an album. 

“I have years of original stuff that I just haven’t released because I’ve always been helping others. I am hopeful to get it done soon,” Pelonis said. 

In the meantime he said he knows that a lot of musicians are trying to be creative in how they get their music out to the public without violating some regulation about live music, and hopes that venues will be able to get back up and running. 

“There are so many amazing musicians that depend on live shows to get their sound out, and we had such a great lineup of artists coming here which is on hold,” he added. 

For now, Pelonis will continue to play for his dog Bodhi, and he has appointments available to do private tastings of his wine and to sell the guitars. 

“The positive in this is that people tend to come in for either the wine or the guitar and end up leaving with the other,” he said. 

Pelonis said he is not a winemaker, but appreciates a good glass of wine, which is great paired with good company and good music. His wine is made by Frank Ositni of Hitching Post II in Buellton, and they are known for extremely good wine, he said. 

To make an appointment to wine taste or to sample the “All in This Together” Jeff Bridges guitar, visit and click Contact.