Staff Report

A scholar who has sparred with legendary boxer Muhammad Ali as well as explored Paul’s anti-imperial message for impoverished and oppressed Christians during the Roman Empire will be one of the two main speakers at the Farstrup-Mortensen lectures from Feb. 23 – 25 at Bethania Lutheran Church.

Dr. Brandon Scott is a professor of New Testament theology and a noted scholar of Paul. His work offers insight to the evolving understanding of God’s role in the cosmos and in the world.

“Whether people of faith, agnostic, or atheist, Farstrup-Mortensen lectures always offer insights into scientific and theological study of the world,” said Bethania Pastor Chris Brown.

The theme of this year’s lecture weekend is “Unbelievable God?”

The other speaker is Dr. John D. Caputo, a professor of religion and humanities from Syracuse University. He is a leading scholar of radical theology, which expresses the idea that theology is best served by getting over its love affair with power and authority and embracing the weakness of God.

“There’s a common misunderstanding that topics of faith have already been decided. However, further scientific exploration has allowed us to search for deeper understandings of God’s presence and role throughout history and time. These lectures are meant for anyone who wants to approach issues of theology and faith not with certainty, but with an open mind,” Brown added.

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