By Vida Gustafson

Contributing Writer

Often called “Brazilian Lemonade,” this recipe uses fresh whole limes and condensed milk to make a frothy, creamy lime drink. Fun fact: In Brazil it’s sometimes colloquially referred to as Swiss lemonade. Perfect for long hot days. I add a couple of sprigs of mint to the initial blend to impart another level of cooling refreshment. Feel free to swap out one of the cups of water for tequila or rum to turn this drink into a delicious cocktail.

This recipe has to be prepared as soon as you’re going to drink it — the longer it stands the more bitterness develops from the fresh lime zest and pith. Be sure to use thin-skinned limes that have very little pith and do not overblend.


2 whole limes (thin skinned)

3-4 sprigs fresh mint

4 tbsp sweetened condensed milk

3 C water water

1/2 C sugar

1 C Ice


Mix sugar and 2 cups water until sugar is dissolved. Cut the tops and bottoms off your limes and cut them into wedges. Put all the ingredients except the ice into your blender or food processor and blits 4 or 5 times. You do not need the limes to be completely blended, over blending can make the limeade bitter. Strain out the limes and mint and discard. Return the drink to the blender to froth it up by blending with 4-6 ice cubes.  Serve immediately! This recipe makes enough for two people. Feel free to scale up or down.