By Raiza Giorgi

After a short standoff with Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies, a Buellton man was taken into custody and booked for resisting arrest, child endangerment and a stolen vehicle warrant. Mitchell Medina, 34, of Buellton was contacted by Sheriff deputies after a warrant was issued from Mercer County in Missouri for a stolen vehicle. 

Mitchell Medina
Photo contributed

The stolen vehicle was a maroon Chevrolet truck, which was located in the suspect’s driveway in the 400 block of Farmland Drive. Deputies called out to Medina over their PA system, asking him to step out of the residence, according to Sheriff’s officials.

“Medina opened the front door and spoke with the deputies momentarily before he ran back inside and closed the door. Sergeant Woodill talked with Medina through the front window while Medina paced the living room. At one point, Medina picked up his young child and continued pacing with the child in his arms as he refused to be taken into custody,” said Raquel Zick, public information officer, in a statement. 

Zick added that deputies continued to talk with Medina, additional resources including a K9 unit, the Hostage Negotiation Team, and the Special Enforcement Team began responding.

Sergeant Woodill convinced Medina to come out of the residence by reassuring him that his child would be cared for if he agreed to surrender. Medina eventually walked out the front door, handed his child to Sergeant Woodill, and was taken into custody. Child Welfare Services responded and took Medina’s child into their care. The stolen vehicle was towed and Medina was transported to the Santa Barbara County Jail where he was booked. Medina’s local charges are $0 bail due to Emergency Rule 4. He remains in custody on the Missouri warrant while extradition is arranged.