By Raiza Giorgi


Photo by Mercedes Diaz

The teachers and staff of Buellton Union School District paraded through the various neighborhoods on Monday, April 13, to honk and wave at their students they miss during the COVID-19 situation. (See our slideshow below)

“It was heart-warming to see all of the families showing support. I was moved by the homemade signs saying that they missed their teachers too. I am grateful to work in such a caring community,” said Andrea Babcock, first grade teacher. 

Governor Newsom announced April 1, his expectation that all school districts and charter school classrooms in California will continue with distance learning and other essential supports through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Local school officials and educators are trying to embrace this new idea of distance learning in this unprecedented situation. 

“Teachers inspire the smallest hearts to grow big enough to change the world, and these teachers did just that! Thank you so much for the drive by. That meant so much to all of us! We miss you all,” said parent Jenn Matsukas.

Photo by Mercedes Diaz

The parade was organized by teacher Heather McPherson and roughly 35 vehicles drove around Buellton, assisted by local law enforcement officers.  

“My children were so happy to see their wonderful teachers pass by today! I got very emotional, though, grieving the sweet moments they’re missing out on in these last few months of Kindergarten and first grade,” added parent Allison Firey. 

Districts throughout Santa Barbara County are also continuing to provide meals for youth while maintaining social distancing. Santa Barbara County’s schools are committed to ensuring students have the resources and services they need to continue their learning and engagement despite the closure of our school facilities. 

The Santa Barbara County Education Office (SBCEO) will continue to work with the California Department of Education and school partners on important topics including grades, credits, and graduation requirements.  Specific questions should be directed to the respective school districts.