By Raiza Giorgi

The holidays usually end in the Santa Ynez Valley and Julefest in Solvang, with the annual Christmas Tree Burn hosted by the City of Solvang and the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

Not this year, as the tree burn usually attracts hundreds of valley locals and area residents to watch the flames, and the City said in accordance with public health orders they couldn’t manage a way to do it.

“We considered all options which might have allowed us to hold the Tree Burn this year, in spite of COVID-19. However, due to the possibility of the Tree Burn creating an unintended gathering, and all of the necessary logistical considerations, the City will not be holding the Tree Burn this holiday season,” explained Solvang City Manager, Xenia Bradford.

In lieu of the early January event, which allows Solvang residents and businesses to safely discard their Christmas trees, the City of Solvang will offer curbside pick-up service through Waste Management, during the week of January 4, 2021. Information about tree pick-up will be posted under the “Recent News” section of the home page on the City of Solvang’s website:

The tree burn billed as one of the largest fire safety demonstrations and community holiday gatherings on the Central Coast, as the firefighters show just how quickly a fire can spread.

It has also become an annual tradition for many valley locals who return every year with their families to enjoy the evening, which includes refreshments and free entertainment.