Staff Report

The de Werd Family Foundation recently honored 16 Santa Ynez Valley Union High School 2021 graduates with Music, Vocational, Technical and Trade School, and Academic Achievement Scholarships.  

“We are excited for these exceptional students to continue to promote and pursue excellence in character, mind and actions,” said Michelle de Werd. 

Below is a list of the students chosen and the higher learning institutions they are attending. 

Music Scholarship recipients:

Jack Foley                        $2,500  UCLA

Joshua Kazali                   $2,500  Columbia University, New York

Michael Illes                     $1,000  Thiel College, Pennsylvania

Catalina Kett                     $1,000  High Point University, North Carolina

Aiyana Ramirez                $1,000  UC Davis

Vocational, Technical, & Trade Scholarship recipients:

Amalia Villa                     $2,500 – Designs School of Cosmetology, Paso Robles

Frank Ramirez                $1,000 – Allan Hancock College Welding Technology Program

Academic Achievement Scholarship recipients:

Olivia Torres                    $2,500 UC Davis

Danai Alvarez                  $1,000 Santa Barbara City College with intent to transfer to
                                                     UCSB or UCLA

Kattie Khueanh Nguyen   $1,000 USC

Brandon Pizano                $1,000 UC Irvine

Blake Schryer                   $1,000 United States Military Academy, West Point,
                                                     New York

Christian Shaw                $1,000  USC

Aiden Sim                        $1,000 Cal Poly

Maclaine Watson             $1,000  UC Santa Cruz

Callaway Winans             $1,000  The Master’s University, Santa Clarita

The selection committee recognized these students for their extraordinary effort, dedication, leadership, choices in academic rigor, work experience and extensive participation in extracurricular activities. The committee is confident that this exceptional group of students will be equally successful in their future endeavors.  Scholarships were granted through the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School Local Scholarship Program for graduating seniors.