Alumnus Guy Walker has attended every commencement since 1976

SYV Star Staff

As a big-city native of Los Angeles, Guy Walker never imagined he would ever come back to Dunn School in a small ranching town like Los Olivos after he attended his own graduation in 1976.

But he returned the next spring to see his friends graduate — and he has returned every year since then.

This year he watched as more than nine countries were represented at Dunn’s graduation on Sunday, May 28. Students from Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Russia, Venezuela and the United States came together to celebrate the milestone in their educational careers. More than a dozen students from the Santa Ynez Valley were among the class of 50 graduates, according to school records.

The commencement speaker was Nyuol Tong, a 2010 graduate who was once a refugee from South Sudan. From the faculty, Humanities teacher Meg Watson spoke as well.

”It was a wonderful day at Dunn,” said Jon Hooten, spokesman for the school. “We continue to attract a truly global student body to the valley — we had five continents represented at this year’s ceremony. It’s a great opportunity for local students to be able to learn side-by-side with students from around the world.”

Walker, the loyal alumnus with the track record of attending 41 consecutive commencement ceremonies, moved away after high school but returned permanently in 1990 to the Santa Ynez Valley, where he has built a successful financial planning business called Wealth Management Strategies.

He also co-founded the Endowment for Youth Committee, which provides financial support for African American students and their families so that students can enjoy greater success in high school and receive financial support for postsecondary education.

And at their last meeting, Dunn School’s Board of Trustees also elected Walker to the board.

“Guy is a remarkable supporter of Dunn School, and a leader in the Valley, setting an example that everyone should follow,” said Head of School Mike Beck.  ”We are lucky to have him serving our students and their families.”

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