By Sue Manning


I took over Elna’s Dress Shop and made it into one that merges fashion, quality and versatility. I take my cues from current trends, putting the freshness of street wear with the sophistication of international design for a unique look.

My key phrase is “attainable style for all occasions, regardless of age, body type or look.”

The vision is forever young with effortless street style and timeless beauty, mixing past inspiration with present innovation.

Fashion can sometimes seem intimidating and inaccessible. We think we need the “total” look, but not all things belong together. Fall gives us the option of being free- spirited, so feel free to mix and match! Forget the norm; mix prints, textures and colors. Look for leather, earth tones, plush textures, tapestries, florals, and jewelry with a bold look.

There are new rules on wearing scarves. The thin scarf can be considered an updated take on a choker. It surrounds the neck but cascades in any direction the wearer desires. Play with color, textures and patterns, and don’t try to match your outfit, rather enhance it with this graphic, bold accent.

If you have a specific top, skirt, or outfit that needs a face lift, come see us. All our associates are personal shoppers for you. No guessing about size — you actually try the garments on and take them home with you.

You may discover new lines and stock up on your favorite brands, completing your immediate clothing and accessory needs.


Elna’s Dress Shop is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1673 Copenhagen Drive in Solvang. For more information, email or follow the store on Facebook or Instagram.