Staff Report

Films for 2020 have been selected for the third annual NatureTrack Film Festival (NTFF), the only nature-focused film festival between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The festival will take place in Los Olivos on March 20-22. More than 65 long and short films from 21 countries, in both live and animated form, will be judged and then screened during the festival. 

Categories are Adventure, Animation, Biography, Conservation, Kids Connecting with Nature, Scenic, Student, and a special category, Outdoors & Out of Bounds.

 Festival film highlights include:

83° Ski the North: Less than 800 kilometers away from the north pole is the Arctic Cordillera, the most northern mountain range in the world — remote, hostile, beautiful and one of the coldest places on earth. Two adventurers, Hauni Haunholder and film director Matthias Mayr, set off to ski the Cordillera, but getting there is the real adventure. 

 Street Surfers: Frank Solomon, a big wave surfer and marine activist from Cape Town, South Africa, travels to Johannesburg to meet two exceptional men, Thabo and Mokete, who indirectly serve the environment through “street surfing” for recyclables as a means of income. 

 Lost Kings of Bioko: Director Oliver Goetzl returns to the NTFF with this fascinating film about one of the world’s least known primate species, the Drill Monkey. Off the coast of Central Africa lies Bioko, an isolated island covered by primeval rainforests and surrounded by dark ocean waters. The Lost Kings of Bioko explores the secret lives of the Drills and their mysterious island home.

Threats in the Northern Seas: About three billion tons of chemical and conventional warfare lies at the bottom of the North and Baltic seas. These silent witnesses of both World Wars have become a true threat to the environment. How and why were these weapons dumped in the sea, and is this massive propagation of highly toxic products an avoidable disaster? 

The entire list of participating films with full descriptions will be posted after January 1 on the festival website. 

“We’re honored and excited to bring exceptional, award-winning films to the festival every year,” said Sue Eisaguirre, NatureTrack Film Festival founder and director. “Word is getting out that if you’ve produced a quality nature, conservation or adventure film, you want it shown at the NatureTrack Film Festival.”

All-access passes, ticket packages and single tickets can be purchased by going to the festival website, One hundred percent of the proceeds from the festival goes to support the NatureTrack Foundation.

More information about NatureTrack Foundation can be found at