By Dr. Hyun K. Lee

This year the COVID-19 virus has struck us all very hard and has caused us to be fearful, anxious, and stressed out about the virility of our immune systems. But acupuncture and herbs can fortify your immune system and help quell your anxiety.

Dr. Hung K. Lee is pictured at his clinic in Solvang.

If you consider your body as a country and your immune system its military, contracting any virus is like a declaration of war. Viruses are like a group of terrorists invading your body, and if your troops are weak and unprepared, you’re in for a fight. 

Viruses attacks when your body is at a weak point, as noted by the number of deaths of the elderly with this particular virus. How your body reacts to a virus is in direct relation to how strong your immune system is at the time. 

If your immune system is strong, the terrorists will see that your military is tough, and vacate your country immediately. If your military is very weak, the war might be long and drawn out creating lasting conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and very frequent illness. However, if your military and the terrorists are similar in power, war ensues and fever, aches, and chills wrack the body. When you catch a virus your body is truly fighting a war. The battle begins to resemble a war film, with its flames (fever), water (sweat, runny nose, and phlegm), smoke and dust (coughing and sneezing).

Prevention is your body’s best weapon of defense. Eating foods right for your constitution, getting enough rest, limiting stress, staying warm and avoiding sudden temperature changes, and generally taking care of yourself are the prime things you can do. However, dealing with this pandemic and its many side effects, physically, emotionally, mentally and economically, has also created a high level of fear and stress. In this case sometimes people need to send out for reinforcements. 

Viruses attack each constitution differently, so knowing what your constitution is in advance of getting a virus can rescue you from weeks of recovery. It’s like knowing who you’re fighting, and designing a strategic elimination plan. (Constitutional typing needs to be done when the body is healthy. It is much more difficult to diagnose your type if you are ill. For about 80 percent of people, constitutional typing can be done on the first visit. The other 20 percent of patients, who could perhaps be a mixed type, it may take a little longer)

If you happen to get sick, catching it in its early stages and visiting your doctor of Korean Constitutional Medicine can shorten your illness down to just a couple of days. In Korean Constitutional Medicine, a mixture of herbs designed for your unique body type along with acupuncture needles can help reduce the symptoms, balance your internal organs and strengthen your immune system so your body can more readily defend itself from the invading army. South Korea has been very successful in its approach to COVID-19 using these herbs. Regular patients can call in advance, describe their symptoms and pick up their blend of herbs, which is taken as a tea, later in the day. I can leave the herbs at the front or back door, if you give me a pick-up time.

As always, wash your hands frequently, don’t go out if you are sick, get plenty of rest, fresh air, sunshine and exercise. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

To make an appointment in the Solvang office, call 805-693-5162. His office is located at 2030 Viborg Road, Solvang. The clinic is held every Wednesday only. He also has offices in Los Angeles, and Atascadero.