Staff Report

The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County will present “The Power of Cruciferous Vegetables,” a free, interactive online presentation about the bio-nutritive value of cabbage, cauliflower, greens and other vegetables called crucifers, on Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 11:30 a.m. The community is invited to participate with 40 minutes of learning and 20 minutes for participant questions.  

Interested community members may RSVP to to receive log-in information to attend the event.

“The Foodbank is constantly adapting and creating new ways to build food literacy for everyone in Santa Barbara County, from programs for children and seniors we serve to the community at large,” explained Jacqueline Valencia, Foodbank assistant director of community programs and education. “During COVID-19, we’re offering new ways for the community to learn to eat for their best health. This interactive online presentation is one we’re happy to offer at a time when everyone needs to be their healthiest.”

The talk will explore what a crucifer is, how they prevent cancer, detoxify your body and improve your DNA, the magical compound all crucifers produce that has been shown to support detoxification and DNA repair, reduce inflammation and help prevent chronic diseases. Tips and tricks will be included on how to increase one’s crucifer intake and maximize the benefits coming from this diverse group of plants.

Presenter Taylor Brower is a registered dietetic technician and dietetic intern for the Foodbank. She holds degrees in both biochemistry and nutrition and has a passion for nutrition education and sharing the power food has in people’s overall health and wellness.

The next installment of Food as Medicine will be held in November. A team of local doctors and nutrition experts will explore plant-based protein and how to integrate more of it into your diet. Details will be forthcoming. 

Community members may sign up to receive information by email Information about future Food as Medicine events will be available on Facebook (@FoodbankSB), Instagram (@foodbanksbc), Twitter (@foodbanksbc) and LinkedIn.