Fossemalle Dance Studio turns 30! Read the full story in the June issue of the Santa Ynez Valley Star!

From her very first ballet class when she was a little girl, Christine Fossemalle knew her life would revolve around dance — but she didn’t know it would take her all over the world, from her home country of France to the small town of Santa Ynez, where she is celebrating her 30th year of teaching dance.

Fossemalle starts her preparations for the summer Invitation to Dance dance performance in January, choreographing and organizing volunteers to build sets and help backstage.

“I remember our first year we had costumes the girls had to share because we could only afford one style of costume. So one group would dance and then strip right after to give to another girl for their performance,” Fossemalle recalled.

Invitation to Dance runs from June 23 -25 at the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School Little Theater with performances starting at 7 p.m. Call 688-8494 for tickets.