By Dr. Hyun K. Lee

In today’s fast-paced society, easily prepared food is, for many, considered a necessity. 

The demand is so much so that it takes up the greater majority of supermarket shelves. Pre-made food, “just add water,” “microwave and go,” and, of course, fast food have become primary foods of modern living. 

These foods are filled with processed sugar and carbohydrates which are detrimental to the human body and especially to the digestive system, which is the front line to good health and an effective immune system. Many people know that kind of food is not the best thing for them. 

They see a bit of weight gain, around the middle perhaps, but they don’t recognize what happens to their bodies and their health on a deeper level — contaminated blood and a compromised immune system which equals disease. 

All the organs function to make, circulate, deliver, clean and recycle blood. The blood also creates chi, which circulates the blood around the body. Blood is the product of the material you intake. 

Healthy blood is created from good material, meaning proper food (organic), water, and oxygen. Unhealthy blood is created by the opposite — poor food, lack of water, and pollution. Unhealthy blood causes numerous diseases and health problems. 

Instant and processed fast foods and sugary drinks lack nutrients like vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help create healthy blood. They are instead packed with sugar, chemicals and additives. They are created to satisfy the taste buds, not bring proper nutrition to the body. 

Years of habitual bad eating habits take a toll on your organs, add weight to your belly area, produce fat around your internal organs stifling their proper function. They become exhausted and weak, and are unable to produce the best of what they have to offer. 

A buildup of toxins in the body results in poor blood, which in turn results in its poor circulation caused by the weakening of the chi. If blood cannot circulate properly throughout the body, it cannot deliver nutrients accordingly. If the blood circulated is contaminated, this can result in anemia, impotence, edema, sores, issues with veins, necrosis, hypertension, cerebral infarction, heart disease, arthritis and joint pain, chronic inflammation, weight gain and diabetes. 

Diabetes, for example, is a build up of sugar in the body, introduced by foods filled with sugary and sweet substances. This causes the blood to thicken and become sticky. The heart has a more difficult time pumping the blood, it is circulated poorly throughout the body, and exhausts organs like the pancreas. The pancreas is built to digest food in four to six hours. Faster, instant foods are processed far more rapidly, at an average of two hours. These long-term eating habits weaken the pancreas resulting in poor insulin production. Improper insulin production combined with blood filled with sugar equals diabetes. 

People think of diabetes as a disease. Western medicine treats diabetes with sugar control or insulin injections. It fails to treat one of the underlying causes of diabetes, which is poor eating habits. 

The root of all these diseases begins at home. Poor lifestyle habits can be changed. With proper diet, such as low carbohydrate intake (eliminating sugar from your diet which includes breads, pasta, sodas, high fructose corn syrup and all wheat products), reducing salt intake and adding exercise (such as good posture walking — holding your body in a straight alignment, not bent over), acupuncture, and herbs, which go a long way to strengthen the immune system and internal organs, along with positive thinking, these changes will all make a huge difference in your overall sense of health and well-being. I recommend my quick weight loss diet which includes all of the above suggestions along with taking a regimen of herbs which will allow you to lose 10 pounds in half a month healthfully. A majority of blood related diseases can be cured naturally, and with no side effects. 

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