Staff Report

Bars, nightclubs, wineries and brew pubs across California have been ordered to close Sunday in a press conference called by Governor Gavin Newsom.

All seniors 65 years and older and those with chronic conditions have also been asked to isolate at home as health officials seek to limit the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus.

“We are doing this with eyes wide open and team assembled behind me, currently have 13 task forces from logistics as basic as water, fuel and supplies to more complex issues related to workforce. We are looking at it through a wholistic lens, this is anxiety inducing, but what we recognize we need to meet this moment head on and lean in. Take actions commensurate to protect the most vulnerable Californian’s,” Newsom said. 

Newsom said bars and wineries and the like would be closed, restaurants will be allowed to continue serving customers, but half capacity to allow space for social distancing.

“With concern to access to food, we are talking about home isolation, some have limited capacities we expand points of access. This allows delivery of hot nutritious food is appropriate,” Newsom said. 

The state now had a total of 335 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus, along with six deaths. There is a confirmed case in Santa Barbara County as of Sunday afternoon, according to Santa Barbara County Public Health.

Bethania Lutheran Church Pastor Chris Brown has started a Facebook group “SYV Coronavirus Community Advocacy” where people can reach out for help and or find ways to volunteer to those in need.

“We luckily we live in a digital age, and what people need is “pastoral care” which does not stop us from caring for each other. I am trying to be present in whatever capacity as pastor and community member,” Brown said. 

He added he has about 30 – 40 individuals already interested in helping how they can from delivering food to seniors to grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions and more. 

Brown said anyone that needs assistance, please reach out to him at (805) 688-4637 or on Facebook. 


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