By Brian Stanley

Contributing Writer


Playing football with the boys is nothing new for Santa Ynez Pirates kicker Quincy Valle.

“I started football at the end of fifth grade. I started in YFL and all throughout until now,” Valle said.

Santa Ynez Pirates varsity football PAT kicker Quincy Valle.//Brian Stanley/Contributor

Signing up to play for the Pirates Youth Football League, Valle’s desire to play football came from her brother Desi Valle.

“My brother played football and I always looked up to him. When I would go to practices I would see him and would be really inspired,” Valle explained.

Football came natural to Valle. During her time playing for the Pirates Youth Football League, Valle was a member of the Division 3 squad who went on to win the Tri-Valley Youth Football Conference Super Bowl in 2014.

When Valle entered ninth grade at Santa Ynez High School, she joined the junior varsity football team with many of the same teammates from the Division 3 championship team.

“She came out on her own from day one,” said Santa Ynez football head coach Josh McClurg. “She’s been playing with this group of juniors and seniors since fifth grade. It was just natural, she loves football.”

Having played football with many of the same teammates dating back to their days in youth league, there is a camaraderie between Valle and the boys.

“A lot of them are my family,” Valle said. “We are all really close so when I come out her they see me more as a sister. It’s just harmony, we all get along perfectly.”


As a junior, Valle is in her third year with the Santa Ynez football program. Lining up on the defensive side of the ball her freshman and sophomore seasons, Valle has made the transition to special teams as the Pirates point after touchdown (PAT) kicker this season.

“My parents decided not to let me have any physical contact this year since it’s varsity and the boys got a lot bigger,” Valle said about the move to special teams. “So just kicking this year, but I definitely miss hitting.”

Last season, Valle was a captain and starting outside linebacker on the junior varsity team along with being the second in the depth chart at fullback.

“In my opinion, Quincy is no different than the other 41 guys on the team. She blends in, it’s like coaching one of the guys,” McClurg said. “I would like to see her be on the depth chart at outside linebacker because she can play.”

Valle has had to adjust to her new role on the team, finding herself kicking through the field goal uprights from the 3-yard line or on the sidelines kicking into a net rather than being on the field and in the defensive huddle.

“It’s hard not being involved in practice as much,” Valle said. “Not really a lot of talking with the boys and being in there and being part of the team.”

Besides playing football at Santa Ynez, Valle has played track and field, girls basketball and girls water polo. During her sophomore year, Valle advanced to the CIF Southern Section Track and Field Division 4 Finals in the shotput event, ultimately placing seventh.


Getting her pregame warmup kicks out of the way, Valle was ready for the Pirates’ season opener against the Nipomo Titans on Friday, August 17. Valle would have to wait until late in the first half before she saw any action on the field.

Santa Ynez Pirates varsity football PAT kicker Quincy Valle during practice.//Brian Stanley/Contributor

Down 10-0 to the Titans with less than two minutes left in the second, Pirates’ quarterback Juan Sanchez completed a 31-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Camron Prendergast. That’s when Valle and the PAT unit were called into action.

“At first when my coach called us on I was really nervous,” Valle said about going into her first varsity game.

Getting in position for her PAT attempt, the ball was snapped by Jacob Moran and set in place by the holder Jacob Davies as Valle stepped in and made contact, sending the ball sailing.

“It was fun because it was a new experience and then the rush of adrenaline. The feeling that the pressure is on and you have to make this point, the thrill really excites me,” Valle said.

The officials under the goal post signaled Valle’s first kick on varsity was good as the kicking unit ran off the field.

“It didn’t hit me until I was on the sidelines,” Valle said about making her first PAT attempt for the Pirates. “I was shocked at first then I was really proud of myself.”

The Pirates’ Special Teams Coordinator Sean Foy said that coaching staff told Valle, “The first one is over with, there’s nothing to be worried about. After that she settled in just fine.”

Following a touchdown run by Seth Transeth in the third, Valle and the kicking unit went on to the field to achieve the same results as her first attempt, straight up the middle through the uprights.

“She’s a good kid, she’s a good teammate and a hell of a competitor,” McClurg said. “Her grit and intensity are great to have around.”

Valle finished her first varsity game 2-for-2 in point after touchdown attempts.


Focusing on balancing academics and athletics, Valle sports a 3.3 high school grade point average. When she graduates in 2020, Valle plans on attending college and then carrying on her family’s tradition of serving in the military.

“What I want to do is go to Santa Barbara City College to get my nursing registration and go into the Army as an officer,” Valle said.

Her father served in the United States Army while two uncles served in the Marines and another uncle served in the Air Force. Valle has a fourth uncle who is a police officer.

Family drives Valle to play football and family is what is inspiring her future.


Editor’s Note: Valle and the rest of the SYHS Pirates will continue their season by hosting long-time rivals Carpinteria High School this Friday, Aug. 24. Kickoff is at 7 p.m. The teams will battle it out for bragging rights and possession of the “Warrior Spirit Never Dies and Pirate Pride” award, which was created to commemorate the longstanding rivalry between the two teams dating back to 1941.