Staff Report

As Thanksgiving approached, first-graders from Mrs. Wright and Ms. Hekhuis’ classes at Solvang School shared with the Star what they are thankful for this year.

I am thankful for…

my brother, my little sister, my mom, and my dad.

— Miguel


my family and my baby brother.

— Briana

my family because they are nice to me. I am nice to them.

— Josefine


my friends

— Allie


my family because my mom and dad give me food and water my sisters are nice to me.

— Henry


I am thankful for my classroom

— Xander

my sisters

— Jose


my dad for helping me

— Colin


my classroom

— Jaxson


my mom and grandma

— Clayton


my friends

— Johanna


my friends because they help me when I get hurt.

— Pablo


my friends

— Nicholas

my brother

— Stella


my mom, dad, aunt and uncles.

— David


my family

— Camila


my soccer practice

— Santiago


my family

— Jacob


God creating Earth for us.

— Hannah


my friends becus they help me.

— Bella


Pumpkin pie, mom and dad, games and dinner



My MOM and DAD and my big brothers and my dog. And my ant and my school.

— Zeke


Mom, dad, Eive, my 4 month old baby cousin and 6 days until my birthday.

— Hudson


Love, family, sister, mom, dad.

— Chase


My mom and my dad, my big, brother my mom’s brother.

— Denise


My big brother and my mom and my dad and my baby sister and my dogs.

— Camila


I am thankful for food.

— Michael


My big brother, my mom, my dad, my baby brother

— Nathen


My mom and dad and my sister. My mom feeds me, my dad plays with me. My sister plays with me too.

— Andrew


Games, cars, moovees, and teachers and Lexia

— Owen


My mom and brother and my dog and my cats and my dad.

— Oliver


Mrs Wright. She is nice. My friends too.

— Love Alexa


My family, my dogs, my fish and food.

— Norah


My mom and little sister and dad and grama and school and granpa and 2 turtles, fish.

— Mando


My brother and my mom and my dad.

— Belen


My mom and my dad and my cousins and school.

— Joey


My mom, my dad, my famoly.

— Carlos


Food, wodr, sckool, math, tv, trees, mom, dad, pets, and that’s all!

— Emma