By Christina Garver

Contributing Writer


One of my favorite things to do with kiddos is to make our own version of Play-Doh. It feels so good on my hands, and we get a huge ball of it this way. I like to add texture, color, a little sparkle, essential oils, and dried rose petals.

The children were playing with the lavender Play-Doh today, and it was so calming that a friend suggested having it be a nighttime activity to calm everyone down before bed. Good idea!

Lavender Play-Doh


2 C flour

2 C water

1/2 C salt

2 Tbs. coconut oil

3 Tbs. cream of tartar

6 drops of essential oil

3-6 drops of food coloring – whatever gets it to the desired color and scent.

Dried rose petals – enough to add texture and make it sweet, but not so much that it interferes with rolling it out.

Glitter to your heart’s content


I mixed all ingredients except the oil and color. Cook it on medium heat in a sauce pan until it balls up and comes clear off the sides of the pan.  It will be thick and in one huge ball. Then let it cool down.

Knead it and drop in your color and oils and everything else, and just keep kneading it.  This recipe didn’t need flour to roll it out; it wasn’t sticky, and I love it.


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