My husband and I moved to Solvang in 1989.  We moved here because we wanted to start our family in a small town environment.  The Santa Ynez Valley is a place where people are known for being friendly and neighborly. We look out for one another.

Unfortunately what I’ve been witnessing and reading in the papers and online, printed by just a few individuals regarding ID1 and its board members and water manager, is just plain mean-spirited, accusatory and a blatant disregard for the truth.

This board is dedicated to the preservation of our valley and water resources.  They are kind individuals who have gone above and beyond their duty as board members to help people throughout our valley and beyond.  If you would just take time to get to know any of these men up for re-election, you would see they are men of integrity, knowledge and are just all around nice guys.

Please let’s not let a few individuals with an agenda, who just moved into our valley last year, taint our minds with their bold, untrue accusations and constant threats of lawsuits.  Let’s not throw decency and common sense out the door for the drama of just a few.  I would encourage these people who have such hate in them to go out to coffee with any of these board members, and you don’t have to agree with everything, but please be a kind human being and try to understand another’s reasoning by the good old art of discussion.

Robyn Clay