The Star recently ran a letter to the editor written by France Komoroske, urging people to run for the board of a small local water district, ID1. The letter was full of misinformation.

It compares the salary of the ID1 general manager to that of the county sheriff. The salary of the GM was actually arrived at by comparison to other district general managers with not dissimilar responsibilities.

The letter says the GM has in his contract a “no fire” clause. There is no such clause.

The letter says ID1 imposed a “secret 40 percent rate hike disguised as a 10 percent revenue increase.” Not true. Five years ago, 10-acre parcels received water for landscaping at very low agricultural rates. An inequity to regular domestic users.

The letter says there was a “secret” rate hike. No secret. Hearings widely publicized weren’t well attended. At the last hearing, well attended, the rate was reduced to far less and spread over five years.

The writer cites a grand jury report written 10 years ago supposedly attacking the ID1. Readers should read the report at

The letter cites Assembly Bill 2686 as an effort of ID1 to “avoid oversight.” Not true. Assemblyman Pedro Nava wrote it and included language favoring the Chumash tribe.

This letter to the editor seems to be aimed at a supposed “base” of a few locals in order to stir them up. Sound familiar?


Lee Rosenberg