It’s time for change on ID1 water board

For the first time in four years, local residents have the opportunity to make a change to the local water board. Three of the five board seats for the Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District, Improvement District No. 1, are up for re-election in November, with three challengers facing the three incumbents.

If you think water rates and charges are fair, that the salaries and expenses of the water board are reasonable, that you’re treated fairly and with respect by the water board staff, that the board meetings are open and the public is encouraged to attend, that there is no threat of retribution if you question the board, that the fees and charges you pay are being well spent, and that the water board conducts its affairs with transparency and honesty, then you should vote the incumbents back in.

However, if you don’t like what’s been happening with the board over the past few years, it’s time to vote for change.

What the water board does over the next four years will have profound impacts on the valley. The wise conservation and distribution of scarce water, especially during periods of prolonged drought like we are facing now, will affect our area for generations.

We need a water board that is open, transparent, attuned to the needs of its customers, and understands that it operates to further the public interest – not the special interests of a favored few. And we need a board that recognizes the importance of cooperating with other agencies and entities that have a stake in local water issues, whether they deal with Lake Cachuma, groundwater, state water, or any other source.

Please make your voice heard this November and help determine the fate of the current and future residents of the valley. Vote for the board which will best protect those interests.

France Komoroske

Santa Ynez


Soldier says thanks for local care package

I just finished reading an article and was ecstatic to learn that there is a website for donations to We Support the Troops of the Santa Ynez Valley ( I am writing mainly to hope my thanks get passed along.

I received one of these care packages in 2006-07 or 2008-09 while I was deployed to Iraq. It was hands down the greatest thing to receive this package from my hometown while on the other side of the world.

If this message does get passed along, I would recommend sending items that can be shared out. Often times these packages will reach a single soldier attached to a team, squad or platoon. These service members are very close during this time so items that can be shared are often the best, though toiletries are also a must in the desert, like lip balm. Seriously, lip balm is huge when it’s stone dry and 130 degrees outside.

Rob Lamb


Thanks to everyone for supporting Bonanza

The 16th annual Buellton Barbecue Bonanza was a huge success! It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves with the feasting and fellowship at River View Park in Buellton. The park played host to an old-fashioned community barbecue with plenty of food, live music, water slides and activities for kids, a prize raffle, and exhibits by community groups and local businesses.

All of this would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the many people involved in making this event a great one. I would like to thank them for their service at the Barbecue Bonanza and to the community at large.

First, a big thank you to all of the staff and officials at the city of Buellton for their support in making it possible to put on a recreational event of this caliber.

Thank you to all of the dedicated NCL volunteers, Boy Scouts of Troop 42, summer camp counselors, and a special thank you to Bobby Covarrubias, for their incredible help throughout the event.

Thanks to all the groups and individuals who participated by having a display or table: Boys & Girls Club, Buellton Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau, Buellton Medical Center, Buellton deputy sheriffs, Buellton Senior Center, Central Coast Health & Safety, Costco, Crossroads Church, Dr. J’s, Friends of the Buellton Library, Firestone-Walker Brewery, Girl Scouts, Grace Bible Church, Inspire Charter School, Paso Pacifico, Sollievo, South Coast Karate, Stormwater Management, SYV Community Aquatics Foundation, SYV Fruit & Veggie Rescue, SYV Solar, SYV Humane Society, SYV Spoke, Wildling Museum, Youth Empowered, and the YMCA. Thank you to Senior Deputy Charlie Uhrig and our rocking band “Echoswitch” for sharing your musical talents.

And special thanks to Mark, Vickie, and Misty Mendenhall, Henry and Elaine Alvarado, Lance Bruner, and all the rest of the food and barbecue crew for preparing the delicious feast for nearly a thousand Bonanza goers.

Finally, thank you to all of the Buellton citizens, valley residents, and visitors who came out to enjoy the day with us. Thank you for supporting activities in our community and for making this such a great place to live and work. We hope to see you all at next year’s 17th annual Buellton Barbecue Bonanza.

Kyle Abello

Buellton Recreation