Star Report

Measure K2016 proposed by the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District Board of Education is leaning towards passing in a close race as early results are posted this evening.

So far there are 2,955 in favor and 2,282 against the $14.7 million dollar bond measure that has been compared to Measure L which failed in 2012.

In multiple town hall meetings and FacebookLive events on the Santa Ynez Valley Star Facebook page, Superintendent Scott Cory presented his arguments why Measure K2016 is unlike the previous failed measure.

He pointed out the money will go to critical needs only and there will be no new construction on the high school campus. He has proposed the bond be paid back in 15 years, saving $10.4 million in interest if it were to be a 30-year term. The total repayment would be $18.7 million.

They are also pursuing State modernization matching funds to help reduce the amount of the bond needed, and leveraging developer fees for additional projects. The district is also contributing from the reserves for the 2016-17 year $500,000.

Those against the Measure state that the district shouldn’t rely on the community to pay the costs, and property owners, renters and those on a fixed income, their money will be wasted on unnecessary items like a $1.9 million parking lot, $1.2 million for school lockers and $1.3 million for architecture fees.