By Raiza Giorgi 


After an alert of an active shooter situation prompted a lockdown of Solvang Elementary School Friday morning, school officials said they had a miscommunication between their upper and lower campuses, but were proud of the staff who responded quickly to ensure the safety of the students. 

“We apologize for today’s unfortunate false-alarm and the inconvenience it created for our families. We deeply care for your students and took all precautions,” said Superintendent Dr. Steve Seaford. 

Just after 10:30 a.m. a visibly upset student left campus and walked up Laurel Avenue, followed by a teacher. A Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Deputy and Seaford also approached the student and talked for awhile before a family member took the student home, Seaford explained. 

“Nothing illegal took place, no arrest. No one was in danger at any time. All staff and students did an outstanding job executing an emergency drill that we practice,” he added. 

During that time however, the miscommunication occurred and students were told there might be an active shooter, which prompted the lockdown and sheltering in place with doors locked and lights off. 

“Sheriff’s deputies and emergency personnel responded appropriately to the scene and left once they determined there was no threat. Had there been an active situation we would have been actively involved in communicating with the parents and community,” said Lt. Erik Raney, of Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s. 

Raney said this is a good time for parents to talk to their children about emergency planning and preparing ways to communicate in case there ever is a situation. 

“Making sure emergency contacts are updated and aware of their responsibility is something to do in case of, and having emergency kits prepared for any situation is always a good idea,” Raney added. 

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