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The cover story for the November Santa Ynez Valley Star on local nonprofit We Support the Troops SYV moved Doniece Parson and Jon McDermott, owners of Mother Hubbard’s Restaurant in Buellton, and they decided to donate all their profits from their November Farm to Table Locavore dinner on November 19 to the organization.

“If you truly want to provide support to the brave men and women who have truly been in harms way for the last 15 years, this is a local group who send care packages to troops around the globe. So please, if you’ve ever thought of attending one of our dinners make it this one. You’ll get a four course dinner that’s locally sourced and provide financial support to a wonderful cause,” Parson said.

The menu has been set to:
House Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Figs
Roasted Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Soup
Steak Gorgonzola with Crispy Basil
Homemade Pasta

and dessert of Pumpkin Waffles with Ice Cream

Reservations required by Tuesday, Nov. 15 either by calling 688-3912 or email

From the Santa Ynez Valley Star cover story:

Retired Air Force Col. Pat Sullivan realized in 2004 that the war in the Middle East wasn’t going to end anytime soon, so she decided to do send care packages to help the U.S. troops there.

Sullivan and Sonie Lindquist, both valley residents, launched SYV Support the Troops — but October was the first month they didn’t prepare any packages, because of a lack of funds. Sullivan tries to provide as much as she can from her own pocket and has had support from local organizations such as the Santa Ynez Elks, but the donations have been dwindling.

“We need all we can get for our Christmas boxes. We are hoping to raise $20,000 because the cost of shipping overseas is so expensive,” Sullivan said.

The recipients are usually connected to someone from the Santa Ynez Valley, whether it’s a relative or a friend or co-worker. They send letters to Sullivan requesting things such as phone cards to call home, jerky, baby wipes, moisturizer, shampoo, batteries, and sanitary items for the women.

To see the things that the group sends, and find out how to help, go to

“We don’t just send to soldiers in the Middle East. We are now sending to the Philippines and Africa. Wherever there are conflicts, we want to make sure our troops have provisions and a little love from home,” Sullivan said.

The next packing date, for the Christmas box shipment, is at 10:30 a.m. Nov. 30. To learn more, call Sullivan at 688-8404. Sullivan encourages donating to the group’s GoFundMe page at, following them on Facebook at We Support The Troops SYV, or logging onto