The current show at the Guild Room in Gallery Los Olivos features an exciting and stimulating exhibit that is based on the theme “Motion”, which describes the work  either literally or figuratively, depending on how the artist interpreted the concept. 

Six of the extensive group of approved entries were chosen for awards by Juror Esther Jacobsen Bates,  Executive Director of the Elverhoj Museum of History and Art in Solvang. 

Following are the winning works and the comments of the Juror:

Juror’s Award: Michelle Ellis, Ocean Waves in Abstract, Acrylic/Mixed Media
Notes: As a viewer, I enjoy the challenge of abstract art and how the take-away can be highly subjective. I was captivated by the physical movement of paint across the canvas and the artistic manipulation of the media. The glints of shiny gold caught my eye and carried my attention across the canvas with stops to note textural variations and application techniques. The overall feeling of the piece spoke to me of motion, of the artist at work and in the subject matter.

First place: Mary Taylor Jones, Remembered Rhythms, Watercolor

First place: Mary Taylor Jones, Remembered Rhythms, Watercolor
Notes: This beautifully executed watercolor visualized the theme of motion, both literally and figuratively. I responded emotionally to the dancing figures in their bright colored clothes … a bittersweet feeling enhanced by the dark background.

Second Place: Allen Koehn, Baja Waters, Photograph
Notes: The contrast of light and dark in this photograph immediately drew me in. A sense of mystery seems to permeate, and create tension. I’m intrigued by the seemingly contradictory water flows.

Third Place: Belinda Hart, Sunlight on Water, Textile / Mixed Media
Textile art is very appealing to me. The overlapping layers of color and texture in this work are strategically supplemented with intricately applied stitching, enhancing the feeling of motion. Despite that it portrays an underwater setting, the artwork made me feel sunny and happy.

Honorable Mention: Randee Ward, On the Rocks, Mixed Media with photo core
Notes: The contrasting textures of the layers of collage create a wonderful sense of motion, both individually and collectively. The mix of media brought me back in for a closer examination and appreciation.

Honorable Mention: Jean Quintana, Joyful Light, Mixed Media
Notes: The motion of the hummingbird is captured with an interesting mix of color and texture. The layers of paint convey a sense of motion. I like the way the orange fades in and wraps around the edges 

The Guild Room at Gallery Los Olivos is a space made available to member artists of the Santa Ynez Valley Art Association (formerly the Artists Guild SYV), a nonprofit arts organization with over thirty years of history in the area. Monthly group shows may feature an Artist of the Month along with a group show, juried award group shows, or group exhibits reflecting a special theme. This is an excellent venue space for visitors and art lovers to experience the work of local artists.