Staff Report

Alan Parsons, who played Jan. 26 at the Chumash Casino with his Alan Parsons Live Project, pledged $12,000 to Thomas Fire and debris flow recovery efforts, and the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians announced it would match the amount with its own donation.

Parsons’ donation went to the One805 Kick Ash Bash, a gratitude event on Feb. 25 to honor first responders and raise money for emergency equipment, survivor relief and counseling services.

The tribe’s gift went to the United Way Thomas Fire and Flood Fund, which was established to help serve the long-term needs of people affected by the devastating fire in December and the mudslide that followed in January.

Parsons also performed at the Kick Ash Bash.

“It is difficult to contemplate how a happy occasion such as a rock concert can take place locally without due consideration to the terrible tragedies that have recently taken place in our area,” Parsons said in a statement. “We are proudly donating all proceeds to the One805 Kick Ash Bash. This is an effort that allows those who serve on the front lines to determine the best use of raised funds.”

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