Mother teams with two daughters to realize her dream: Devine Supply


By Pamela Dozois

Contributing Writer


Devine Supply is the newest boutique in Santa Ynez, which is becoming a fashion hub for the Valley lifestyle. Devine Supply opened Sept. 1. It is a family affair, owned and operated by the Devine ladies, mother Vicki and daughters Kat and Sabrina.

“We all co-own the store and we work at it together,” said Kat Devine.

The three Devine ladies who own and operate Devine Supply are, from left, Sabrina, Vicki and Kat.

“It’s been my mother’s dream to own a boutique for as long as I can remember,” she continued. “My sister has worked in retail for five years so she brings with her that kind of experience. I’ve worked as an interior designer for the past five years. We all have different skill sets, so we each focus on different aspects of the business. It’s a 100 percent team effort. We all had the skill sets combined to make this happen and when this space became available, we just went for it.”

And it wasn’t just the Devine ladies who contributed to the start of the business, according to Kat.

“My dad has been involved hands-on since the beginning and my husband-to-be, Jordan Kepler, helped with the carpentry. It took about three months to remodel the space to match our aesthetic,” she said.

The Devine family owned a horse farm in Northern California. They moved as a unit to the Valley about four years ago. 

“We love Santa Ynez so much, that’s why we all moved here together,” said Devine. “We each live close to the shop in Santa Ynez, so it’s very convenient.”

Devine Supply caters to both men and women in a style that represents the Valley lifestyle.

“We go to the Los Angeles Merchandise Mart and we work with smaller batch brands which we source from around the world,” Devine said. “We want our store to carry really unique things and our focus is on sustainability. Many of the things we offer are made by local artisans with many of our goods made in the USA.”

Besides clothing for men and women, Devine Supply also carries home goods such as pillows, blankets, art, jewelry and unique objects d’art. Kepler, who was a champion in the “Forged in Fire” television series, makes handmade knives, which are displayed in the men’s section of the boutique. The boutique also offers a unique skincare line which is organic and eco-friendly. 

“We do have some vintage, rustic, western accents which pair well with our new lines of clothing,” Devine said. “We also have some Native American jewelry. We collaborated with Charlotte Becerra, owner of Charlotte’s Santa Ynez to acquire some fine pieces.”

Devine said she and her family are excited to serve Santa Ynez Valley customers.

“We really wanted our shop to cater to the lifestyle and the people who live here in the Valley. It is important to us to create a welcoming shopping experience,” she said. “You can probably catch the five of us and our two cattle dogs, Skylar and Drover, at the shop on any given day. This is truly a family affair.

“We are all very invested in Santa Ynez as a town, a lifestyle and in our business. We want to evolve with the future of Santa Ynez while remaining true to its heritage.”

Devine Supply is at 1050 Edison St., Suite D, Santa Ynez. The business is open every day except Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 805-691-9173.