By Daniel Lahr, Executive Director of Central Coast Film Society


There are few fandoms in film and television that rival the passion and numbers of the group of super-fans, affectionately known as “Trekkies.” Well, it looks like Star Trek is going to “boldly go” to the Santa Ynez Valley. 

During San Diego Comic-Con, the Star Trek panel released a load of new information about CBS’ new show, Star Trek: Picard. Along with images, and panel discussion from the stars of the show, fans were treated with a new trailer of the show.

Many Star Trek: The Next Generation fans began swooning as they saw the beloved character, Jean-Luc Picard, played by Patrick Stewart, along with a large amount of favorites from that “generation.” From what is gathered, the character Jean-Luc Picard, which has not been seen on the silver screen since 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis or on the small screen of Enterprise in 2005, and has since retired from the Starfleet, taking time to make Bourgogne wine at “Chateau Picard” in his native country of France.


Funny how his amazingly fictitious futuristic french villa and vineyard look in no way like Sunstone Winery in the beautiful Santa Ynez Winery today. Actually, they’re one and the same. The Sunstone Villa can be seen in the opening shots of the newly released trailer and also makes an appearance in the recently released poster. It also appears later in the trailer where Picard makes contact with someone who will be bringing him (assumingely) back into the thick of it in outer space. 

Production on Star Trek: Picard started on April 29, 2019 under the working title, Drawing Room and is expected to continue through October 1, 2019. The show is set to air on CBS early 2020, which is the same year that the Central Coast Film Society will be premiering the Central Coast Film Festival in Santa Ynez Valley. 

Are you excited for Star Trek: Picard? Ready to visit Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez Valley? Can you spot Sunstone in the poster? Leave a comment below after watching the trailer for yourself!

Daniel Lahr is the Executive Director of the Central Coast Film Society. Follow their blog on the website regarding filming and media on the Central Coast, as well as the upcoming Central Coast Film Festival in the valley in 2020.