Limited re-opening of road will commence as drilling and stabilization operation continues

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY – One-way reversing traffic control utilizing a temporary signal on Highway 154 between San Antonio Creek Road and Painted Cave Road is anticipated to begin on Thursday, July 4.  Caltrans will announce a specific time for the start of this traffic control when it’s confirmed by Caltrans field engineers.

The highway was closed on Saturday, June 22, due to landslide activity that caused major roadway cracking extending across all traffic lanes. This temporary signal will provide public access with one-way alternating traffic in both theeastbound and westbound directions.

A drilling operation, as part of a grouted dowel stabilization approach, continues with the installation of horizontal dowels below the roadway. The insertion of vertical dowels 40 feet deep below the highway has stopped surface movement and further cracking of the pavement. In addition, inclinometers have been inserted into the slope to monitor sub-surface movement.

The primary detour/alternate route during this traffic control is U.S. Highway 101 and State Route 246. Once one lane is reopened, the public can expect the potential for extended delays through this work zone, depending on the number of travelers who select this route. Caltrans Quickmap is a useful tool for route planning and monitoring of expected traffic delays before traveling.

It is not known at this time when Highway 154 will fully reopen. Upon completion of the drilling, Caltrans will monitor pavement conditions before making any determination about fully reopening the highway. In addition to stabilizing the slide, extensive pavement damage must be repaired before additional lanes can be reopened.

The cracking of the roadway occurred within the work zone of an ongoing emergency project to repair a slip-out due towinter storms this past season.