By Dr. Hyun K. Lee

Contributing Writer


Living in North America, we are conditioned to the idea that one doesn’t go to the doctor until one is sick. For western medicine, this makes plenty of sense, but the same can’t be said for eastern medicine. Oriental medicine is effective when you are sick, but it is most effective when you’re not. 

The principle behind Oriental medicine and Korean Constitutional medicine is preventative care. It’s best used to keep your body in top condition so you don’t get sick in any manner. When you visit, your practitioner diagnoses the energy in your body. He/she can tell what it’s doing, how it’s behaving, and if there are energy blockages present that need to be cleared. In addition to your flow of energy, they can tell about the condition of your organs based on what you’re feeling and through pulse diagnosis. The little indications your body gives you that you would never seek out a western doctor for, are exactly what your doctor of Oriental medicine wants to hear. 

Feeling tired, stressed, having minor digestive upsets, headaches, dry skin, insomnia, pain or whatever other common issues that come and go are ways your body communicates with you. They say “My liver energy is weak,” “My kidney function is too high” or “My lung meridian has stagnation.” The doctor understands this language and answers the call to improve the function of your body. 

When your energy is free-flowing and your organs are balanced, you are in a state of health. Your immune system is high, you feel energetic, you’re free from disease, and do not worry about getting colds or flu. In addition, life and stresses are easier to handle, your emotions are balanced, and your overall effectiveness at work and in your home life is high. Acupuncture and a proper constitutional diet (and occasional herbs, if needed) help you maintain this state of healthful harmony. It is the condition your body wants to be in and stay in. 

In addition, if you know your family has a common disease, like breast cancer for instance, acupuncture becomes very important. Your doctor can maintain your health, with special emphasis on that area, to make sure that any stagnation and inflammation are relieved and your chest area is healthy to keep you from developing the same disease. This is effective for any diseases including auto-immune.

Just as you try to eat right, exercise and get enough sleep, in order to maintain health, so is it helpful to add acupuncture into that mix. It is abundantly easier, wiser and less costly to keep problems from happening than to cure them after they have happened. 

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