Staff Report


PCPA has developed new educational offerings for the fall, including PCPA@School, a series of over 20 interactive workshops for K-12 classrooms taught by PCPA’s award-winning theatre professionals, while Young People’s Project is offering two 12-part series of virtual programming for youth that is ideally suited for home-school and independent study students. 

PCPA@School includes classes structured for elementary, middle and high schools in acting, movement (including African dance), playwriting, lighting effects, fun with paper mache, design theory and more. The 45-minute virtual classes are just $100 each and will be available for booking between Oct. 26 and Nov. 20. For more information visit 

Youth Enrichment is offering the “Theatre Enrichment and Scenography & Stagecraft” series of workshops for students 10-16 years of age. The 12 classes for each series are scheduled on Mondays and Wednesday from Nov. 2 to Dec. 16. Each workshop is one hour long and each 12-class series is $120 each.  

Theatre Enrichment is a hands-on introduction to all aspects of the process which theatre artists employ to develop a story, from the page to the stage. Breaking down the elements from concept, to design, to production, students will understand the many artistic components that are needed to produce a play while gaining an appreciation for the creative process used by theatre makers. 

Scenography & Stagecraft is an in-depth exploration of design, construction and presentation that gives students an understanding of the components that bring a production to life. Students will be guided through a series of techniques used in technical theatre including light construction, scenic painting, sewing and alterations, music and sound, and culinary arts as it applies to consumable props. 

Class size is limited to 20 students. Students are encouraged to enroll in Theatre Enrichment prior to taking Scenography & Stagecraft. 

For more details and registration visit