Kyle Haro

Hometown: Orcutt

Restaurant: Sideways Lounge

What made you want to be in the service industry? 

Always loved cocktails and specialty drinks, creating new drinks and being artistic. 

What is your favorite part about being a mixologist?

Craft cocktails started springing up about the time I came of age and I really loved making different and unique drinks. It’s also all about the people and hearing their stories. 

Have you created your own signature drink, and what is it?:

Created most the drinks on the Sideways Lounge menu but one of my favorites is the Roseberry, which has rosemary-infused vodka, lemon, blackberries, sugar and kombucha. 

What is one cocktail you struggled to master and how did you do it?

Vesper Martini, a delicate balance of ingredients (and) it can get thrown off quickly. Overcame using the jigger, measuring cup, which is crucial for that drink.

Have you ever served a celebrity, and who was most memorable?

Haven’t served any I know of, but I have served directors but no one really big. I used to work in the film industry as an art director for commercials and television.