Staff Report

Sansum Clinic announces new user-friendly features to MyChart, the secure portal that connects patients with their healthcare team and medical information. The more than 98,000 patients who utilize this important digital tool can now conveniently log in to MyChart to schedule certain types of medical care, when and from where they choose, using their computers or mobile phones.

“We know our patients want to be able to book or cancel medical appointments without having to make a phone call, and these upgrades provide just that type of technological solution,” said Sean Johnson, Sansum Clinic’s vice president of applications and analytics.

The newest features include:

  • Primary Care Direct Scheduling: Patients who have seen their Sansum Clinic primary care provider in the past 18 months can use MyChart to schedule their next non-urgent visit, up to seven months out.
  • Add to Wait List: When scheduling in MyChart, patients may add themselves to a wait to be notified if an earlier appointment becomes available.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling: Adult patients can now directly schedule an appointment for their COVID-19 vaccine at our Pesetas Pharmacy in MyChart.
  • Flu Shot Scheduling. Adult patients can now directly schedule an appointment for their annual flu shot in MyChart.
  • Screening Mammogram Scheduling: Patients age 40-80 who have seen their Sansum Clinic primary care provider in the recent past can schedule a mammogram appointment using MyChart.
  • Patient Self Sign-In: Patients with MyChart can let Clinic staff know they are “present” for an appointment in the MyChart app or on the MyChart website on their smart phone.
  • Office Visit Estimates. Patients can now generate estimates for common office visits in MyChart.
  • Financial Assistance Requests: Patients can now use MyChart to submit an application for financial assistance.

These new features, alongside the eCheck-in tool where patients can fill out and verify important information prior to their medical visit, the Fast Pass feature which automatically scans schedules for openings and alerts patients who want to be seen sooner, and online bill-pay within MyChart, all eliminate the need to wait by telephone, and offer easier and wider access to appointments and clinical documentation. 

“We are excited for our patients to reap the benefits of our investment in this technological innovations, which as a non-profit would not be possible without the generous support of our Board of Trustees and donors,” Johnson said.

If you are a Sansum Clinic patient and would like to learn more about the benefits of MyChart, visit  To sign up for MyChart, visit or call the MyChart help desk at 805-898-3333 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or mention MyChart during your next visit with us.