Staff Report

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office recently welcomed seven new deputies and honored other employees who have been promoted.

Rafael Luna was welcomed as a Correctional Counselor and Crystal Carrillo as a Communications Dispatcher.

Giuseppe Arnoldi, Sean Banks Jr., Valerie Centeno, Scott Naganuma, Raymond Lambert, Vicente Ramirez, and John Valenti were all sworn in as deputies.

Giuseppe Arnoldi is the third “Deputy Arnoldi” at the Sheriff’s Office, following the lead of his father, Lt. Butch Arnoldi, and his sister, Deputy Francesca Arnoldi. Giuseppe’s mother, Marla, is also a member of the Sheriff’s Office, working as a senior administrative professional.

Two of the other new deputies bring with them entire careers of experience. Naganuma is retired from the Santa Barbara Police Department, and Valenti retired from the California Highway Patrol.

Raquel Zick, an 18-year employee of the county, was congratulated on her new role as Public Information Officer. She worked for the Probation Department before being hired by the Sheriff’s Office, where she served as a patrol deputy for four years and then worked in dispatch for six years before becoming administrative assistant to the sheriff.

Jarom Kemp, a 13-year veteran, was promoted to sergeant after serving as a corrections officer, custody deputy, deputy and special-duty deputy. He has received many awards, including the H. Thomas Guerry Award for Superior Performance in 2014.

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