By Pamela Dozois

For SCI Research Advancement

To celebrate 45 years of serving the community, Montecito Bank and Trust selected 11 nonprofit organizations to receive special anniversary award grants. With the support of Monica Trouve-Sapp and the Solvang Montecito Bank and Trust branch, SCI Research Advancement was chosen to receive the $4,500 anniversary grant. 

Unfortunately, the normal awards ceremony was canceled, but with corporation and adaptation, the team at MBT was able to host a virtual awards ceremony in May to honor the 11 recipients. 

Each of the nonprofit foundations created a short video to say “Thank You” to Montecito Bank and Trust and share their individual stories. Visit the Montecito Bank and Trust web site to see videos of all the recipients at 

“SCI Research Advancement will be using the anniversary grant to help fund the purchase of an exoskeleton we will be using for a medical research project,” said Will Ambler, founder of SCI Research Advancement. “The research project is focused on helping restore movement to people who have been paralyzed after a spinal cord injury.”

Details and progress of SCI’s project can be found on their home web page at and clicking the go fund me link to see the exoskeleton in action.

For more information, call Ambler at 805-688-7755.

Pamela Dozois is a reporter for the Santa Ynez Valley Star and serves on the board of directors for SCI Research Advancement.