SYHS Senior Kiely West

Sports played at Santa Ynez: Kiely is a standout runner, and was a 4 year Varsity Cross Country runner and 4 year Varsity Track distance runner.

Favorite High School sports memory: Kiely’s favorite high school memory was when her teammate Emily Donahue told her that it is just the two of them in this thing and trying to see if she was ready to race at CIF. That’s when she realized the love she had for this sport and qualified as a freshman for CIF which made her whole year.

Post High School plans: Kiely is planning on running at Santa Barbra City College in the fall for both cross country and track. After SBCC she plans to work hard towards a scholarship and continue pursuing her love of running at a D1 school.

Favorite Coach, Mentor, or Teacher at Santa Ynez: “My favorite coach, mentor, and teacher is Coelho because through everything I have had to go through the last four years she has been there. On my bad race days, she talks to me through what happened and what I need to do better, which motivates me to be a better runner. She is the best person and she inspires me to do more. In the fall, I intend to work hard and continue being the best runner that Coelho knows I can be.”