Senior: Liz Rodriguez

Sports played at Santa Ynez:
Liz played Volleyball her Freshmen and Sophomore years. For Junior and Senior years, she joined the Track & Field team and competed in the hurdles, discus, and shot put.

Favorite High School sports memory:
Liz’s favorite high school sports memory is all the track meets her Junior year. Specifically, cheering with her friends on the bleachers for her teammates!

Post High School plans:
Liz is attending Santa Barbara City College. She wants to study Forensic Science. Then, she will transfer into a 4 year university to pursue her career in becoming a crime scene investigator.

Favorite Coach, Mentor, or Teacher at Santa Ynez:
“I can’t really choose one specific coach. I am so grateful to all my thrower coaches like Coach Ken Gruendyke, Coach Paul Heron, and Coach Chris Chirgwin. Since I first started throwing Junior year, they all taught me skills on how to improve on my techniques. They all showed me that it was going to take hard practice and time to improve on myself. They motivated me to move forward with the sport. I am super grateful to have them as my coaches. Thank you, Coach G, Coach Paul, and Coach Chris”.