By Raiza Giorgi

A felony stop incident at the 76 station turned into a hostage situation on Avenue of Flags Tuesday morning, as Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department officials requested shelter in place for the immediate area. 

Standoff incident in Buellton.
Photo by Raiza Giorgi

It started before around 8:30 a.m. when San Luis Obispo dispatch received a call from a woman who said she and her mother were kidnapped by her husband who was having a methamphetamine induced psychosis, and they were traveling south in his RV, according to Officer Kevin McCool of the Buellton California Highway Patrol.

“CHP officers located the vehicle and tried to make a traffic stop, however the suspect would not yield and kept driving south,” McCool said. 

The suspect was identified as Christopher Mark Fedon, 56, who is a transient. His wife had a restraining order against him, and they could be around each other as long as they were peaceful, McCool added. 

When Fedon was surrounded by CHP and Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies as he entered the Buellton area, he exited Avenue of Flags and stopped in front of the 76 station. 

Lisa Fedon immediately exited the RV and ran to the safety of law enforcement, and Fedon would not come out of the RV and held hostage his mother-in-law, identified as Judith Hamilton-Ipzin. The Sheriff’s brought in their Special Enforcement Team and Hostage Negotiation Team to the scene. They deployed several flash-bangs into the RV to subdue the suspect who was then arrested and taken to County Jail. 

Fedon was charged with kidnapping, evading police, driving under the influence and violating his restraining order. 

Click HERE to see video (it’s a bit grainy) captured by Azucena Moreno of Buellton. 

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