Staff Report

Options for the median on First Street will be discussed at the regular meeting of the Solvang City Council at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, November 13.

The giant Coast Live Oak that stood in the middle of the road was removed in late September due to rot and disease, according to city staff.

“A limb off the tree fell a few months ago, and we were really lucky that no one was injured or cars were damaged. We tried the best we could to save it, but after having a certified arborist come and inspect the tree, it just had too much rot to be saved,” said Solvang Public Works Director Matt van der Linden.

The Coast Live Oak on First Street before it was cut down due to rot.
Photo by Will Etling

The 150 year old tree was standing before the founding of Solvang in 1911, and there has been much uproar in the community about its removal.

“It looks so empty,” said Candice Villard, valley resident.

The arborist inspected the trees inside city limits and it was determined that 18 of them were deemed hazardous and scheduled for removal.

The council will also be discussing city protocols and considering changes and revisions to be directed for city staff.

The meeting takes place at City Hall, 1644 Oak Street. Log onto to see the full packet.