Local students participate in North County Math Super Bowl

Buellton Union School District’s fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade math teams, led by teachers Carlos Gonzalez and Kelley Carter, earned third place collectively out of more than 25 schools at the North County Math Super Bowl on May 15.

Fourth-grader Jack Campbell earned first place in the individual competition, with a 100 percent score on his individual test. Sixth-grader Gabriel Beleski earned fifth place in the individual competition, and the district’s fourth- and sixth-grade teams both earned second place.

Solvang School also participated in the event, with their fifth-grade team taking fifth place. The team practiced during three lunch periods a week for more than two months to prepare for the event.




Charter School celebrates Earth Day

Santa Ynez Valley Charter School held its annual Earth Day Celebration on April 20. After a schoolwide assembly, students completed activities in the garden that focused on the 3Rs

(respect, repairing, and reflecting) in honor of Earth Day.




Oak Valley students dive into space exploration

After a study of the planets in the solar system, with a special focus on Mars, Oak Valley Elementary fifth-graders had an opportunity to experience the InSight mission first hand.

Bruce Banerdt, principal investigator for the project that launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, spoke with the students about the mission and its challenges before the May 5 launch.

Students also visited Launch Complex 3 on the base to see the Atlas rocket that carried the InSight Lander as its payload.


Oak Valley hosts semi-annual Farmer’s Market

Oak Valley School hosted its semi-annual farmers market with proceeds going towards future education in the school’s garden. The addition of donated produce from businesses such as New Frontiers Natural Marketplace, Albertson’s, El Rancho Market, and Something Good Organic Farm expanded the selection of produce available.