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By Raiza Giorgi

Students at Santa Ynez Valley Union High School have had to navigate alternative routes across campus this fall as construction crews complete various projects, including building a new cafeteria and courtyard where “The Pit” has been for years.

Superintendent Scott Cory has created a blog to keep the community apprised of what is happening each week as the projects progress.

The stage in the cafeteria has been demolished for a student seating area and a new “food court” service area.

“I’ve been working on the blog so that students, parents and community members can get an inside look at our construction process this year. So many great things happening, and it really should be shared,” Cory said.

Cory, who is a graduate of SYHS, said filling in The Pit was bittersweet, as he has memories of sitting there at lunch and for football events. However, he added, the new courtyard will be a great space and create better traffic flow.

“Aside from a few events that occurred in The Pit, no one really used this space. We asked the kids and talked to them about what they would like, and the courtyard option was the best liked,” Cory said before construction began.

When the project is completed, Cory added, the school will have a grand opening so the community can see the new courtyard and seating areas.

The construction of the courtyard and the indoor seating is not part of Measure K bond funds. It is being funded by an influx of developer fees, Cory said.

Construction is expected to be finished in August 2020. Cory said that anyone who has additional questions call 805-688-6487. To read the blog visit