By Raiza Giorgi

Santa Ynez Valley natives and twin brothers Warren and Seth Scott were just in the beginning stages of launching their business, Hi-Drops, when the COVID-19 hit. The shutdown ground their four-year process to a halt, but the Scott brothers decided to adapt their business model to supply frontline workers with an added bonus of protection with their eye drop product.  

With partners purchasing Hi-Drops units, the product is being donated to fire stations and first responders in the Bay Area to alleviate eye conditions.
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“We finally got through the FDA process, which we had so many hurdles to jump through, and gotten enough product to start selling when the COVID-19 crisis hit,” Warren Scott said. 

The brothers now live in Half Moon Bay near San Francisco. They said this year started strong with 65 retailers lined up across 14 states and were starting to build momentum selling their new eye drop company Hi-Drops.

“Even though eye drops aren’t apart of the official PPE, we believe it’s highly necessary for people on the front lines to keep their eye care up, which the drops help avoid people touching and rubbing their eyes,” Scott said. 

Hi-Drops are made in America and originally the intention was for it to be distributed at legal marijuana dispensaries. They don’t have THC or CBD in them, but are just meant to rejuvenate dry, red eyes.

“We saw a hole in the eye care industry targeting dispensaries, so we came up with this product,” Scott said. 

They originally started with 24,000 units of eye drops, and by getting partners like Old Princeton Landing restaurant in Half Moon Bay to purchase their units, the Scott brothers then donate and distribute the drops to fire stations and first responders in San Mateo and Alameda County. 

“We decided that since we cannot be essential workers during COVID, we can help essential workers by keeping them protected,” Scott said. “We decided to launch this donation campaign to firefighters.” 

The Scott brothers started with Half Moon Bay and the San Francisco area, but are now getting requests from places all over the state and will soon be donating to fire stations in and around Santa Ynez Valley. 

“A few of our friends are firefighters around the valley still, and we can’t wait to get them a shipment,” Scott said. 

Seth and Warren Scott with the Jonas Brothers.
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The Scott brothers are well versed in marketing and promotion. Since they graduated from Santa Ynez Valley Union High School in 2002, they have worked as musicians with their band Raised by Radio, as well as music promoters and tour managers for one of Verizon’s music agencies. The Scott brothers have worked with big name musicians like the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Pearl Jam and Green Day. 

“It was such a great time in our lives, getting to tour all over with these bands. We are also still making our own music as well,” Scott said. “This business idea was started so we could support our dream of just making more music.” 

Their second donation shipment recently came in, and they donated that to Livermore’s fire stations and first responders. 

“Their fire department has been so grateful especially with fire season coming up,” Scott said. 

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