By Raiza Giorgi

Just after the espresso machines were installed, co-managers Amber McGlinchey and Emily Petersen were busy ensuring the tastes were to their satisfaction, as The Coffee House by Chomp is set to open on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

“Being a mom, I really wanted a place where I could take my kids and host fun activities, or sit and take a break while the kids color,” McGlinchey said with a laugh.

Petersen said she wanted a place where people could meet and share ideas or art, so when the opportunity came to open the coffee shop, she was excited.

“We all know there isn’t much that stays open late for youth in the valley, and I want that place to be our shop,” Petersen said.

The Coffee House by Chomp was a play on words as the physical location is by Chomp, and it’s also owned by Petersen’s dad Aaron Petersen, who opened the Chomp restaurant several years ago.

“When the beauty salon left, we had a vacancy for a while and I was really hoping a coffee shop would come in. My daughter kept talking about running her own shop and it felt like the right time to just do it ourselves,” Aaron Petersen said.

His good friend and business colleague Kim Jensen mentioned that his daughter, McGlinchey, had coffee shop management experience and the timing fell into place just as the coffee shop at the Book Loft closed recently.

“We are going to start small and simple and then as we get suggestions and comments from our customers we will start adding in things like grab-and-go sandwiches and salads,” McGlinchey said.

The main purpose is to make great coffee and serve as a hub for the community to host meetings, hang out or study after school.

“We will be offering pastries from Mortensen’s and bread from Baker’s Table and goodies from Pattibakes. Our beans are from Santa Barbara Roasting Company, and we can’t wait to open,” McGlinchey said.

The Coffee House is just behind Design Alternatives at the corner of Mission Drive and Alisal Road in Solvang.