By Dr. Hyun K. Lee

Contributing writer

Korean Constitutional Medicine maintains that we all have the ability to keep ourselves healthy (barring accidents, environmental catastrophe, calamities of war, etc.) for possibly 100 years. We believe healthy blood is the key to overall health. But the reverse is also true: unhealthy blood is the key to an unhealthy body. 

Dr. Hung K. Lee is pictured at his clinic in Solvang.

By the time we reach 40 years of age, because of poor eating habits and low-quality food filled with chemicals and preservatives, poor air quality and the numerous toxins we encounter in our daily lives, our blood becomes sticky as we grow older. 

Instead of clean, healthy blood flowing freely through our arteries as it did in our youth, sticky blood makes it harder for our heart to pump blood to our organs and feed our cells properly. Sticky blood can cause many long-term health problems. This is the time to re-establish and rebalance our body. To use a metaphor, it is like checking our portfolio to see if we are in a good position to ensure our long-term financial stability.

Because our bodies have become so accustomed to our poor eating habits, we are unable to distinguish which foods are best for our body’s upkeep and long-term health.

The best way to clean our blood is to first detoxify our system. By using a formulation of my herbs and a low-calorie food intake regimen, within 15 days we can come to see our original core and begin to establish a good regimen of food intake to guarantee a long and healthy life. 

According to Korean Constitutional Medicine, each of us falls into four constitutional categories or a combination thereof. Knowing what specific constitution you are makes it easier to determine what foods are best for each body. It is easy to determine with a visit to your local Korean Constitutional doctor.

As everything is made up of energy, which gives off its own unique energy signature, our bodies also give off our own distinctive energy signatures. Our goal is to match the energy of the food we consume to the energy of our specific constitution in order to clean our blood and fortify our systems. Within three months we can determine which foods are best for us to eat. By detoxing and gradually adding foods back into our daily diet which are compatible to our personal energetic system we are able to eliminate sticky blood, regain healthy blood and guarantee long-term healthful stability.

Exercise is, of course, very important, and something most people slack on. Getting the right balance of exercise is important. People who exercise too much should decrease their routine, and people who don’t exercise enough should increase it if possible. Exercise gets your blood flowing, increases circulation which encourages nutrient delivery and toxin removal, strengthens your body, and improves general wellbeing. Too much exercise can tax your body unnecessarily, increase cellular oxidation, and lead to injury and other problems. Walking in an upright, anatomically balanced position for at least 30 minutes each day is recommended.

The third step to healthy blood starts in your mind. Having a positive, peaceful mind goes a long way to health and happiness. It encourages healthful energy to flow throughout the body and eliminates emotionally based problems and diseases. It’s not something many people can change instantly; one has to work at it just the same way a bodybuilder would need to build their muscles each day. It takes practice, but the end results are always profitable. Not only will your health be improved, but everything around you becomes more beautiful with a positive outlook. It makes for a generous, gentle spirit that keeps love and gratitude flowing and encourages others to do the same. 

Dr. Lee’s office is located in the Viborg Medical Center, 2030 Viborg Road, Solvang. The clinic is held every Wednesday only. We accept the following insurances: Medicare, VA, and Tri West Insurances with prior approval and most insurance that have acupuncture alternative medicine coverage in their policies. Dr. Lee also has offices in Los Angeles, and Atascadero. To make an appointment in the Solvang office, call 805-693-5162.