By Pamela Dozois

Contributing Writer

Terry Row, co-owner of Terramonary Wear in Los Alamos, will be holding tie-dye classes throughout the summer.

Row started tie-dying in his youth, just fooling around, he said, and he wasn’t very good at it. However, things have changed now that Row has dedicated time and effort to perfecting the art.

These shirts show the Dragon Scales design.

“What inspired me to get back into tie-dyeing shirts a year ago was that I had a heart episode in 2015, which put me in the hospital where I received a pacemaker. In the summer of 2017, I wanted to commemorate the anniversary so I created some tie-dye shirts with a target over my heart,” he said. “It was fun, and I started learning more about the art of tie-dyeing through the Internet. I bought some materials, dyes and squeeze bottles and some blank cotton shirts.”

“My wife, Ramona, and I decided to visit some friends in Oregon to see the total eclipse of the sun and take a batch of (his newly created) tie-dye shirts as eclipse gifts for the guests who were attending, to celebrate the occasion. They were a big hit,” he added.

“After that we decided to make more shirts and try selling them at a couple of outdoor events. … When we moved into our new store location … we decided to dedicate some floor space to my tie-dye shirts, which has proven to be a very successful decision.”

Row will hold his tie-dyeing workshops from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. every Sunday throughout the summer. Classes are limited to 4 people.

Classes are $60 for a three-hour session, and all materials are provided. Each student will create a tie-dye shirt to keep.

Demonstrations will include Ne Make, an ancient Japanese technique of binding things such as stones into the fabric to create a bubble effect, and many others.

Terramonary Wear and Terramonary Porcelain Dinnerware is at 466 Bell St. in Los Alamos. To register, call 805-453-5075.