By Pamela Dozois


There’s a new little shop in Los Alamos called Selvedge which sells retro, designer and vintage clothing. It is owned by a young entrepreneur named Daniel Curiel, who is running his first retail store.

Curiel grew up in Orcutt and studied fashion and design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

“I got into the Academy of Art University on a baseball scholarship but as time went on my passion for fashion and design became greater than my passion for baseball so I left school to pursue my dream of opening a fashion retail store,” Curiel said. “It has always been in the back of my mind to have my own store.”

Selvedge opened in October 2019. The term “selvedge” is used in the clothing manufacturing industry and refers to an edge produced on woven fabric that prevents it from unraveling. In denim, selvedge is used in the construction of jeans. It’s the seam that runs down the outside of the jean. The store is appropriately named as Curiel’s focus at present is on retro jeans and T-shirts.

“They don’t make clothes the way they used to,” Curiel explained. “When you buy vintage or retro clothing, first of all it’s sustainable; secondly, it’s giving new life to an article of clothing; thirdly, it’s good for the environment. Plus, each garment is unique.

“I source everything in my store from a variety of places. I’ve established relationships with people who are involved in the vintage world. You can find clothing almost everywhere, so pieces are accessible. I go to flea markets, second-hand stores and browse online for sought-after pieces,” said Curiel. “I gravitate towards vintage, retro, and designer. I’m very visual, I see colors and shapes and designs. I buy things that catch my eye and pieces I think people will enjoy wearing. The same goes for shoes – Selvedge has a little bit of everything.”

 “I’ve been interested in clothing and fashion since I was a child,” explained Curiel. “I was always very particular about what I wore. My passion for baseball and my passion for fashion almost go hand-in-hand.” 

Curiel explained that the opportunity to acquire the space for his store came up suddenly and he had to stock it in a matter of a couple of weeks with what he wanted to see in it. He said “it was a crazy few weeks, but this is kind of fun for me, like a hobby. My family and my closest friends helped me and encouraged me to open the store.”

“Selvedge is a work in progress. I’m hoping to create an up-scale store with unique pieces of clothing,” said Curiel. “I like to keep things interesting and have a variety for every customer. I want to make this place a fun and comfortable place to shop.”

Curiel said that he wanted to bring a market for vintage, retro and designer clothing to the Central Coast with brands like Jordan sneakers, Supreme, Balenciaga, Rhude, and upscale vintage. He also offers “buy, sell, trade” to those who are interested and if someone is looking for something in particular, he can do some research and try to find it for them.

“I encourage people to shop all local vintage and (I) appreciate the support I’ve received from everyone, thus far,” said Curiel. 

Selvedge is located at 363 Bell Street, Suite B, Los Alamos. It is open Thursdays through Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, email or on Instagram at selvedgelosalamos.