By Raiza Giorgi

The Buellton Planning Commission will be reviewing conceptual plans for the Creekside Village Mixed-Use Project at their meeting scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 16 in Council Chambers.

The project is located on the 1.64-acre parcel at the southeast corner of Avenue of Flags and Second Street, where currently there is an apartment building. Conceptual drawings of the three-story buildings which will include approximately 12,000 square-feet of ground floor commercial space and potentially 63 residential units on the second and third floors. 

The apartments will be a mix of studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units and would require the construction of an estimated 10 affordable housing units, or payment of Housing In-Lieu fees. The current 19 tenants residing on the property may require replacement housing. 

The conceptual drawing allots for 112 parking spaces, however 132 are required so the applicant is working on alternative parking layouts and considering the (Development Opportunity Reserve (DOR) which is a program of incentives in return for public benefits. Incentives might include construction of off-site parking lot, contribution towards Median 2 improvements along the Avenue of Flags, or construction of a public restroom on Median 3 on the Avenue. 

This is just a presentation from the applicant, as they have not submitted their final application as of yet, they are wanting additional input before submitting. 

The Planning Commission will also be reviewing revised plans for the Median 2 on Avenue of Flags, which includes more landscaping, adding art deco design elements, including motorcycle and bicycle parking and others. 

To view the complete packet log onto,%202019.pdf