Staff Report

Do you remember when you decided you wanted to be a calligrapher? 

I have always had nice writing and decided to study the art of calligraphy about a year go. 

When you decided to become a calligrapher, what were if any hardships you had to overcome while trying to accomplish your goals? 

My hardships was finding the right nib to fit my personality. Some of us have a tendency to have a heavy hand and some of us have a light hand. So finding the right nib for ones personality can be a bit frustrating at times. All I can say is don’t let it detour you, it happens to all of us. 

Do you work mostly locally or do you do remote work as well? 

I prefer to work locally, I believe Santa Barbara county is one of the most popular  wedding destination around. 

What do you enjoy most about calligraphy? 

I like everything about calligraphy from the wet ink to the nib to the nib holder to the sound of the scratchy nib against the paper. But most of all I love the art of drawling a letter over and over again as I write out people’s names.