Child Abuse Listening Mediation (CALM) is expanding the Trauma Informed Parenting Group into the Santa Ynez Valley. The group utilizes a curriculum that has been developed for any caregiver (foster, kinship, guardian, or adoptive) who is caring for children who may have been involved in the foster care system or are coping with separation from their family.

Bringing children into the home, sometimes unexpectedly, can be a daunting task for many families. Often, children bring with them challenging behaviors due to their trauma histories that guardians are not prepared to address. CALM’s Trauma Informed Parenting Group exists to serve as a resource to these families.

Caregivers are educated on the impact of trauma on children’s development and behavior. Knowledge and skills are provided to help build a healthy attachment. Caregivers are also guided in learning strategies to appropriately respond to behavioral and emotional challenges of traumatized children. Caregivers are provided opportunities to learn more about trauma, its impact on development and how to build a community of natural supports. This program helps create a community that promotes resilience for youth and their families.

“Since the inception of the Trauma Informed Parenting Group in 2014, CALM has supported and guided over 30 families across the county,” stated Jonathan Thompson, Mental Health Clinician and Group Facilitator. “This community resource is one that is necessary and desired in the Santa Ynez Valley.”

The group will be held at the Santa Ynez Valley Presbyterian Church in Solvang on Tuesday evenings. The group will start January 10, and end on March 21. CALM thanks the Santa Ynez Valley Presbyterian Church for donating the meeting space.

CALM was founded in 1970 to reach stressed parents before they hurt their children. CALM continues to be the only non-profit agency in Santa Barbara County focusing solely on preventing, assessing, and treating child abuse and family violence through comprehensive, cutting-edge programs. CALM offers children, families, and adults a safe, non-judgmental, caring, and strength-based environment to heal and increase family well-being. For more information about all of CALM’s services, please call 805-965-2376, or visit